Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A slice of the pie

One of the many things I have recently relearned while taking the CABS course through ATBS was the fact that there is only so much money out there to pay an owner operator.

The easiest way to explain it was to describe the money that was paid in from the loads is to describe the money like it was a pie.

You can only slice a pie so many times in order for everyone to get their piece.  This sounds easy enough doesn't it?

Now the question is whether or not the 'company' lets everyone know exactly where all of those slices are and what they go to.

The amount charged for hauling a load is not always the only income the company receives   It also receives compensation from other things, such as bulk fuel discounts.

What are bulk fuel discounts?  These are discounts paid to the company by a major fuel supplier for rather large purchases of fuel.  It's a way to lower the price and rate for the fuel as more is purchased from a supplier.  This does get a person pondering on a few things.  The owner/operators of the company I drive for number as a sizable portion of the companies fleet (such as over 20% of the total fleet numbers).  Taking this into consideration, we don't receive any type of fuel discount although we do constitute a good measurable percentage of the purchases.

I don't begrudge the company on making any profit.  Heck, that's what I'm in this for, the money, I am running a business.  What I do have a minor issue with is the company pocketing all of the discounts that my fuel purchases that 'I' pay for to begin with.  I believe there is a way to work out a system where everyone feels that they are getting what they should.  The question is, will they do right in their business practices and do it?

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