Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Busy time of the year

The one thing I can say about the end of the year is that freight picks up pretty good. I mean heck, how do you think all of those gifts and stuff get to the stores? lol

I have been keeping pretty busy since the last time I have blogged and I apologize.  Right now I am helping out one of our many dedicated fleets that we have.

I am up in Corinne, Utah running with one of our Wal-Mart dedicated grocery fleets delivering to the stores in their area.  I have done this before for some of our other fleets and have always given them a very good performance, so when I wander in their area, they like to snag me up to help.

The nice thing about running this freight is that I can make more money running it vs OTR.  Now if I was to stay on the dedicated fleet and sign the contract it would drop back down to about what I made OTR so that's one of the reasons I like to run the 'surge' as they call it.

Well, I just got another load so I better get back to work.  I am hoping to be home for Thanksgiving, so chat with everyone later.

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