Monday, May 3, 2010

Long Drill Weekend

Hi all, I know its been a while since I have blogged and I've been pretty busy with everything so here it goes lol.

I had a very busy and long guard drill this weekend. It seems that out of the clear blue, there is a lot more paperwork in a few of the many additional duties I have that need to be done that no one told me about. I spent the whole weekend in the office straightening out messes that should never have happened. Depending on how my position as Chief goes, I am looking at the possibility of not signing up for another enlistment with the guard. I know a few people would say I'm nuts there, since next year I will have 14 years. But in the retirement system I think I would have only 12-13 good years so that means I have anywhere from 7-8 left to do. With how everything has been going with my job, the country in general etc I don't know if I can invest another 7-8 years of my life to 'possibly' get a retirement. Yes I know I sound optimistic here lol, but can't help it.

Other than that life has been pretty decent. I'll be moving into town here in a few weeks to the apartments so that will make life a little more interesting for me there. I am hoping I continue to slowly get worked in here as my job as Chief now.

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