Sunday, March 30, 2014

The roost for the new chickens

Since we have only been getting 3 eggs per day from the 7 hens that we have, we decided to do a small expansion.

We went and bought 6 new little chicks to help supplement the flock.

My better half got busy and built her a new small coop for the chicks to stay in while they grow up.  She still plans on building a small run on it so the chicks have room to move around and scratch etc.

In the picture to the left you see the three 'boys' checking out the new additions, trying to figure out what was in there lol.

We made sure we had roosters that get along with each other so we don't have to worry about any rowdiness lol.

It should be interesting to see how well they will integrate here in about 5 months or so when they are grown up.


  1. Quinten,

    Your boys are really checking these babies out!!!!
    I hope everyone gets along just fine in 5 months or so.

  2. Jackie Clay at Backwoods Home site suggested a little cat food to chickens each week. Our hens love it and the protein helps with egg production. Buy it on sale, buy one get one free and pays off with more eggs. Just a suggestion.

    1. That sounds interesting we might have to try it and see, thanks for the tip!