Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A cheap drip system for the garden

I ran across a pretty interesting article over at shtfprepardness.com  on setting up a Chapin Bucket irrigation system.

The link to the instructions can be found here for it.  The system is really pretty cheap to put together from what I can tell.

It is a simple gravity fed system that goes to a drip line.  From what I can tell one of the many benefits is that it would be easy to monitor how much water you are giving your plants in the garden there and its a system that does not waste any like a traditional sprinkler.  This is a system that is used all over the world in many different situations.  I can see how easy this would be to use along with a catchment system to really cut down on the watering bill for your garden.

This looks like another of the many things to try out.

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